News / 2017-05-02

Well of Chefes and well of Fantelho

Our fluvial beaches are a tradition that characterizes our rural environment well, so in the summer season invites us to a trip to our rivers.

						Well of Chefes and  well of Fantelho

Although we are far from the sea, this factor never prevented us from enjoying summer baths, in a radical way involved in nature, diving into the wells built by the young people of the parish enjoying the best of their summer vacation. A practice that comes from previous generations, today with a lot of demand by visitors, given the great spread in social networks.

So we are pleased to present you two wells, the “Well of chefes”, located in the south of the parish and also the “Well of Fantelho”, located to the north of the parish, the most outstanding is the “Well of chefes”,  but both provide something different for who likes new experiences and outside the concepts from what is common.

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